Geographical Indications

EU Schemes

Three EU schemes known as PDO (protected designation of origin), PGI (protected geographical indication) and TSG (traditional speciality guaranteed) promote and protect names of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Protected Designation of Origin - PDO:  covers agricultural products and foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised know-how.




Protected Geographical Indication - PGI: covers agricultural products and foodstuffs closely linked to the geographical area. At least one of the stages of production, processing or preparation takes place in the area.





Traditional Speciality Guaranteed - TSG:  highlights traditional character, either in the composition or means of production

DOOR Database

The DOOR Database, published by the European Commission, provides informations about all registered product names in the EU. Consult the DOOR database ("Database Of Origin & Registration") of PDO, PGI and TSG to find out which product names are registered or have been applied for. This Database is available in 22 languages.

Registration of a product name

Here you can find more informations about the registration of a product name.

Polish Regional and Traditional Products


Food quality policy has played an increasingly important role in Poland since the country joined the European Union in 2004. The country is an active participant in the European Union’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) systems. So far, 37 Polish products have been subject to protection in the EU.

The Kashubia region in the north is home to truskawka kaszubska (Kashubian strawberry; PGI; kaszëbskô malëna in Kashubian) whose high quality and exceptional flavor are due to the region’s special soil and climate conditions.




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Priority environmental contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception
Priority environmental contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception

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